Mission & Values

Our values are what makes us tick, here is how they directly benefit you
Click on sections of the wheel to find out more

Click on sections of the wheel to find out more

Growth & Development

  • Focusing on the growth of our businesses
  • Investing in our staff
  • Dedicated apprenticeship scheme
  • Elevating our client’s growth


Our mission goes beyond a statement, it’s a promise to our stakeholders that we will guarantee a positive impact through our specialist infrastructure solutions. Our passion for growth reflects in our commitment to developing all of our people; offering the best possible service to our clients and enhancing the wider community.

our Values

People are the driving force behind JLES and we promise to make a positive impact on all the people we work with. The following values can be applied to all our stakeholders including employees, clients, suppliers, adopting authorities, residents, society, and the environment. Follow this link to our Strategic Core Value Actions to understand how we implement the core values for each of our stakeholders.

Growth and Development:
We invest in the growth our business & employees, whilst elevating our client’s growth & the communities which we work in.

Building a better world:
Implementation of an actionable ESG strategy, using best H&S practise for our staff, clients & supply chain and supporting charitable organisations across the UK.

Supporting our industry:
Innovating new solutions for the industry and always using best business practices, allowing our clients to build more prestigious homes.

Culture & wellbeing:
Consciously acting as an ethical employer, building a supportive community within our industry and having a positive impact on all stakeholders.  

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