Our Approach to ESG

Welcome to our ESG page, where we embody our core values by demonstrating how we create a positive impact for all those we touch, extending to the wider environment.

At JLES, we genuinely care about sustainability. We believe it's crucial for our long-term success and our responsibility to the world around us. By prioritising sustainability and striving for transparency in all our efforts, we aim to focus on equality, carbon emissions, ethical practices, and many other aspects. Explore further to see the impact we're making in these crucial areas.

9 Regional offices covering the whole of the UK.

Our guaranteed adoption, fixed cost system allows our clients to set estate completion budgets.

Our fixed fee, invoice on results solution eradicates the risk of intermittent, speculative contractor claims.

We will reduce the strain on your vital internal resource.

You will benefit from our long-term relationships with Local Authorities and Water Companies.

We will effectively achieve bond reductions.

98% client satisfaction score

Carbon Neutral for 2023

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Carbon Management

JLES is a verified Carbon Neutral organisation for all direct emissions for the years of 2022 & 2023.

Waste Management

JLES is a paper-light organisation, utilising recycled paper throughout all office operations.

EV Vehicles

All vehicles in the company fleet are either hybrid or fully electric. We offer a Company EV Scheme for staff members, providing them with the opportunity to access electric vehicles through a convenient salary sacrifice program.


JLES Groups head office is powered entirely by renewable energy sources.

Supply Chain

JLES are members of the Supply Chain Sustainability School.


Modern Slavery

• Comprehensive Modern Slavery measures are integrated into both our organisation and supply chain to prevent any instances of abuse.

• Internal staff have undergone specialised training to increase awareness of potential risks and equip them with the knowledge needed.

• We have an escalation framework for reporting incidents, along with a dedicated email address for staff and suppliers to confidentially report any suspected instances.

Employee Wellbeing

• Our Employer Assist Programme offers round-the-clock support to staff members, providing them with support resources whenever they need it.

• Staff members have access to Private Healthcare benefits.

• Through our Employee Engagement Scheme, staff can confidentially share their experiences on a weekly basis and provide feedback to the organisation.

Health & Safety

• JLES proudly maintains multiple SSIP accreditations alongside an ISO 45001 management system.

• Our subcontractor vetting process includes rigorous risk assessments to ensure that all contractors possess the necessary expertise, capabilities, and resources to uphold health and safety standards aligned with our own.

Community Engagement

Our commitment extends to supporting the communities neighbouring our work areas through various initiatives:

• Donating old IT equipment to charities for repurposing.

• Sponsoring local sports teams to promote active lifestyles and community engagement.

• Making contributions to local charities to address vital community needs.

• Supporting non-profit organisations dedicated to social welfare and community development.


Partnership with Women in Construction to actively promote and encourage the participation of women in the construction industry.


Data Security

JLES is deeply committed to safeguarding data security, evident through our Cyber Essentials certification and implementation of data security measures across the organisation.


Directors provide transparent reporting to stakeholders, covering financial performance, strategic direction, and operational updat


Business leaders and managers uphold accountability and responsibility for both risk management and performance oversight.

Responsible Marketing

We aim for all our marketing and advertising to be accurate and comply with the UK’s Green Claims Code.