Open Spaces – Section 106 Agreements


Fulfilling your obligations of a Section 106 Agreement (transferring the ownership and maintenance responsibility of an open space to the Local Authority or third party) is widely perceived to be a very difficult process as the drivers to deal with an open space adoption are not always apparent.


It is only when the process is left incomplete, that the inevitable long term maintenance costs and the ongoing client risk associated with the piece of land, eventually cause significant headaches both financially and operationally.

Typically, our internal team will undertake the following:

  • Landscaping plan technical approval
  • Agreement terms appraisal
  • Land Transfer facilitation
  • S106 commuted sum negotiation
  • Land registry searches
  • Tree Preservation Order Assessments
  • Planning department liaison
  • Local community liaison
  • Local Authority Park Maintenance liaison
  • Transfer to private management company
  • Construction cost forecasting
  • Joint inspections with Local Authority or third party

Featured Open Spaces Projects

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  • Post Build Estate Completion – Peugeot Works, Coventry
  • Section 278 Adoption – Camp Road, Upper Heyford
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