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Information JLES collects about you

It is worth noting that data transmissions are not 100% secure, therefore any information submitted is done so at your own risk. We work with our web hosting provider to maximise security on the website and have a series of internal security procedures for information. This includes:

  • • Access rights
  • • Full briefing to all relevant personnel
  • • Educating our staff on Data Protection legislation


JLES do store some personal information about the users of our site, including name, email address and phone number. We also monitor the website closely in terms of analytics – number of users, number of sessions, average session duration etc.

How JLES uses your information

Submitting your information means that we may contact you from time to time regarding our services and working practices if they are of interest to you. This may include phone calls, emails or via mail.

We will never pass your information on to other third parties for profit. Your information will not be passed overseas, as we are a UK-based organisation and solely trade in this region. We may, however, pass it to any other organisation if you have raised a complaint, or have engaged with us on a project which may involve an additional party.

Any website analytics are reported to our board members monthly and may be retained to improve the website and/or our working practices.

Your rights

As a user of our website, you have various rights regarding your information, including:

  • • The right to access any information we may hold about you and how exactly it is used
  • • The right to amend any information to ensure accuracy
  • • The right to have your information removed
  • • The right to refuse to give your information



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Using the website and its content

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If you would like more information on how we use information or have any concerns/complaints, please contact our Head Office.

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