March 27, 2023


If you’re here, you’re already aware of our new website, but we have some things we want to make sure you know about… so keep reading!

It’s been a busy quarter 1 here at JLES, with over 30 site adoptions achieved and over £2million bond reductions issued to clients we’ve had lots of exciting projects to work on.

Alongside all these exciting new developments, our marketing team has been working away in the background to create a brand-new website that not only looks great but also provides all the relevant information about our services.

The launch of the new website has been a long time coming. Our old website was looking slightly outdated, and we wanted to better represent who JLES are – so we teamed up with Forty3 Media to create a fully-functioning, uncluttered website where you will be able to keep updated on everything JLES!

This site has been designed and developed with our clients in mind, we’ve worked closely on the site to showcase the strengths of JLES so our clients can take full advantage of our services.

The new site makes it easier for you to access, What We Do, Our History, Our Projects & more. We hope you enjoy the fresh look and feel of our updated website.

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