August 8, 2022

The Future Leaders of JLES

The employees at JLES are our most valuable asset. As a strategic priority for the business, we are committed to investing in our employees to contribute to their personal and professional development, whilst also helping them build the skills they require to be future industry leaders.

In October we invited the future leaders of JLES to take part in a workshop day where they had the opportunity to:

Complete high-level training on health and safety in engineering.

Discuss JLES’ business goals & objectives with the board of Directors.

Voice how JLES could help develop their skills further.

All of the leaders from our 9 regional offices came together in Manchester for an interactive day which consisted of, contract Law training, CDM coaching, and a leadership workshop with guest speakers from Raise the Bar - see here.

We openly discussed topics such as the business core values, future employee benefits and company culture, which allowed the business to receive feedback on how JLES can maximise its benefits for all stakeholders.

Bringing everyone together in a face-to-face environment gave us the opportunity to connect and reminded everyone of the potential held throughout the business.

Check out what went on via our Instagram page here.

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