Total Adoption Plan

The JLES Total Adoption Plan


When appointed by a client to deal with multiple un-adopted schemes, we believe it is important to establish a reasoned logical approach when assessing which schemes to prioritise and address first.


The JLES Total Adoption Plan is a strategic process and strategy we implement to ensure our client’s expenditure is always allocated in the right areas to achieve maximum impact and performance.


All unadopted sites are apportioned with a priority score which is a grading based on any known information including:

  • Current Bond Value
  • Bond Facility/Overrun Fees
  • Age of Site
  • Annual Maintenance Costs
  • Location
  • Resident/Political Concern

This information is then used to formulate a primary program which outlines the sequence in which we would recommend that each of the sites are addressed.

As we then begin to apply the Adoption Management System to these schemes, our understanding of a project increases. We can then establish our fixed adoption cost and any factors which may inhibit adoption.


Adoption Plan Key Features


  • Establishes an informed and considered approach when handling multiple sites
  • Ensures expenditure is being used in the most efficient areas
  • Allows for precise budget planning