JLES Sewers Adoptions Management


We have extensive experience in all matters relating to the adoption of sewers and have represented clients across all 12 registered UK Water and Sewer Districts. We remain in constant liaison with the industry regulators to ensure that we are well informed about current legislation.

Did you know?

With a recognised reputation with Water and Sewer Authorities, we are regularly asked to provide opinion on how the adoption process could be made more efficient.

Typical Works undertaken by JLES

  • Agreement terms appraisal
  • S104 sewer design and technical approval
  • Consent to Discharge
  • Joint Manhole Inspections
  • Cross connection investigations
  • Third Party Land Ownership negotiations
  • Flow calculations/simulation
  • Bond arrangement
  • Water company liaison/representation
  • Joint final inspections and water company sign off
  • As built survey drawings
  • Obtain Adoption Certificate
  • Bond Cancellation

Featured Sewer Projects

  • Post Build Estate Completion – Kidderminster Road, Hagley
  • Post Build Estate Completion – Albion Gate, Leyland
  • Post Build Estate Completion – Peugeot Works, Coventry
  • Section 278 Adoption – Camp Road, Upper Heyford
  • Post Build Estate Completion – Oxley Park, Milton Keynes