Site Infrastructure

JLES Site Infrastructure


JLES are award winning specialists in road, sewer and public open space adoptions. In this role, we manage and carry out the associated works to enable the timely transfer of a sites infrastructure to the adopting party.


Our professionally qualified civil engineers all with a wealth of experience in Highways, Sewers and Open Space adoptions have a solid network of contacts within Local Authorities and Local Water Companies which contributes significantly to the smooth running of our projects. They are dedicated members of our workforce whose hard work has built us a reputation as a dynamic, dedicated, innovative and results driven company.

Housebuilder Product Awards 2014 Winner

The JLES Adoption Management System (AMS)

The JLES Adoption Management System is tried and tested and can be applied to every section agreement associated with Highways, Sewers and Open Spaces.

How does it work?
Desktop Study
Undertake initial liaisons with Adopting Party to understand the project’s current position and ascertain the scope of required investigation works - free of charge.
Establish Scope of Works
Complete and/or manage necessary investigation works in order to produce a definitive fixed scope of required adoption works and cost to complete.
Completion of Works
Complete and/or manage ALL required adoption works and obtain written confirmation of satisfaction from Adopting Party that the project is acceptable for adoption.
Apply to the Adopting Party and obtain formal certification to confirm adoption has taken place and allow cancellation of bond (if applicable).