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Thamesmead, Greenwich

Project Description

 Taylor Wimpey
 January 2015
Special Projects

Thamesmead, Greenwich

Contract Type: Environmental

Problem: Taylor Wimpey had a long standing contractual agreement with a development built under licence from Tilfen land. With increased pressure being exerted by solicitors threatening legal action due to breach of contract and with the development having being complete for approximately 6 years meant increased pressure to satisfy all outstanding requirements. This has involved JLES liaising with the land owner to understand all outstanding obligations and legal requirements placed upon our client. Ultimately, this has involved undertaking retrospective environmental assessments and sole stability assessments to satisfy outstanding requirements whilst ensuring the land owner was updated and satisfied with our methods of work.

Solution: JLES have now supplied our client with a solution and exit strategy

Project Value: £6,500

3rd Party Liaisons: Local Authority Highways Department, Land Owner

Key Features:

  • Limited historical site information supplied
  • Pressure due to strained relations
  • Structural Assessments
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Regular Client Updates