Taylor Wimpey – The Broadlands Bridgend Section 104


 Taylor Wimpey
 May 2015

Bond: Undisclosed

Contract Type: Consultancy

Problem: Sewer unable to be adopted due to legal issues.

Solution: Liaison with 3rd Party Landowners and on-site surveys to establish extent of sewer networks/point of connection. Extensive research, provision of evidence and liaison with Welsh Water, to prove sewers were vested as part of Private Sewer transfers in 2011. Obtaining immediate bond reduction from Welsh Water.

Project Value: £895.00

3rd Party Liaisons: Welsh Water, 3rd Party Landowners

Key Features:

  • Obtaining access onto 3rd Party Land
  • Liaison with residents
  • Completion of as-built site surveys
  • Sewers tracing
  • Obtaining registry information
  • Extensive liaison with Welsh water