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Sewer Redesign and Corrective Works, Cheshire

Project Description

 Antler Homes

Sewer Redesign and Corrective Works, Cheshire

Contract Type: Consult and Construct.

Problem: It was reported that the local water course was being contaminated by an unadopted sewer network.

Solution: JLES led this project in collaboration with the Environment Agency and United Utilities which involved the redesign of a sewer outfall to prevent further contamination and enable adoption and discharging of developer responsibilities.

Project Value: £95,000

3rd Party Liaisons: Environment Agency, Water Authority, Local Authority Highways, Highways Agency, Local MPs, Local Press.

Key Features:

  • Emergency investigation works
  • On site tankering
  • JLES 24 hr helpline
  • Investigation of existing local sewers
  • Redesign and technical approval of new proposal
  • Road closure
  • Sewer works
  • Corrective works to watercourse
  • Diversion of existing services
  • Carriageway reinstatement
  • Environment Agency Commendation