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High Value Sewer Adoption Works, Daventry

Project Description


High Value Sewer Adoption Works, Daventry

Contract Type: Consult and Construct.

Problem: Large sewer network serving a commercial development had been declared as unadoptable due to severity of required extensive deep dig remedial works.

Solution: JLES pioneered a new technology and obtained approval from the Water Industry Ombudsman to allow the delivery of a robust adoption solution to the satisfaction of all parties.

Project Value: £352,000

3rd Party Liaisons: WRC, Anglian Water, Water UK, OFWAT, HSE, Highways Agency, American Pipeline Contractors Association.

Key Features:

  • Innovative alternative design solution
  • Import of special materials
  • Significant traffic management provisions
  • Strict working hours
  • Localised excavation and carriageway support
  • Cost saving calculations
  • Geotechnics
  • Environmental Impact Assessments