David Wilson Homes – Woodland Park, Oswestry


 David Wilson Homes Mercia
 April 2015

Bond: £675,000

Main Engineer: Tom Lewis

Contract Type: Stage 1 to 4 Adoption project

Problem: Backlog highway adoption with no Section 38 in place; scheme stalled due to legal and landownership issues; unpaid inspection fees disputed by the developer; outstanding remedial works

Solution: Extensive negotiation works were required to determine a way to progress this scheme as several issues had been hindering the progression for many years. Acting as a key catalyst to the process JLES managed to negotiate a reduction in the inspection fees, a less onerous adoption process and resolved the legal and land ownership issues.

Project Value: £61,728

3rd Party Liaisons: Shropshire Council

Key Features:

  • Negotiated tricky deal between Council and Developer
  • Reduced Highways Authority inspection fees
  • Completion of extensive remedial works
  • Adoption via Section 228 dedication