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Construction of Footbridge, Ealing

Project Description

 Taylor Wimpey
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Construction of Footbridge, Ealing

Contract Type: Consult and Construct.

Problem: An outstanding Section 106 obligation was identified regarding the refurbishment of a canal footbridge.

Solution: JLES negotiated and delivered a more feasible proposal to remove the existing footbridge and replace with a new structure.

Project Value: £550,000

3rd Party Liaisons: Local Authority Planning Department, Canal and River Trust, NHS, Local Resident Group, HSE.

Key Features:

  • Full bridge redesign
  • Bridge fabrication and install
  • Structural calculations
  • Piling works
  • Ground load bearing testing
  • New foundations and abutments
  • Water safety crews
  • Crane hire
  • Land ownership resolutions
  • Road closures
  • Traffic management