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Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are what make us tick. Commitment to quality lies at the heart of everything we do. So here’s how our values directly benefit you.
JLES Core Values

Fixed Fee and Payment Upon Performance
We are confident in what we do and our ability to deliver. ALL our fees, are applied on a fixed basis. All costs are advised of prior to our formal commencement on a project and include a zero extras guarantee. All our fee proposals are presented with volunteered pre identified Key Milestone Achievement (KMA's) invoice trigger point(s).Until the KMA has been achieved zero fees are payable by the client. This ensures expenditure is not incurred by the client until a project milestone achievement has been satisfied.
Eradicate your associated Financial Risk
Our Fixed Fee, Lump Sum solutions eradicate your risk from additional works and cost variation.
Transfer the Responsibility to JLES
Transfer principal responsibility of project to JLES Group and ensure your adoptions, infrastructure and enabling projects remain a priority.
Reduce Strain on Vital Internal Resources
By outsourcing to JLES, it allows you to utilise internal resources on current developments whilst giving peace of mind that old issues are still being dealt with.
Manage your Bond Liabilities Efficiently
Get the maximum bond reductions in the quickest time by allowing JLES to implement their Adoption Management System on your projects.
Client Update Reports
We are proactive in providing fortnightly periodic update reports to our clients and vested stakeholders detailing the progress and estimated completion date of a project.
Industry Recognised
Our products and company are continually recognised within our areas of industry for excellence.
Benefit from our long term ongoing relationships with adopting authorities and third parties.
Annual Client Reviews
JLES will undertake a face to face yearly review with you to assess our results, performance and customer service against money spent.

Third Party Liaison
Our business depends on UK wide strong and sound relationships with government, private and volunteer organisations who impact on our day to day business and the efficiency in which a JLES project is brought to a successful conclusion.

Our business operations see us regularly liaise with:

  • Local Authorities (Planning and Highways departments)
  • Water Companies
  • Environment Agency
  • Defra
  • Canal and River Trust
  • English Heritage
  • Network Rail
  • Forestry Commission
  • Highways Agency
  • Utility and Telecoms
  • Design & Specialist Consultants
  • Resident/Community Groups
  • HSE