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Associated Companies

Associated Companies

RS Bonds

trust-management RS Bonds is a FCA approved brand within JLES Group that works specifically with developers to help satisfy site infrastructure bond requirements.

Our extensive technical expertise, local authority and water company contacts, combined with key established contacts within the surety market has enabled us to gain a unique position within the marketplace.

We are able to work with our clients to obtain bonds for new adoption agreements and also assist in the substitution of existing bonds.

For more information please www.rsbonds.co.uk

Trust Management

trust-management A subsidiary of the JLES Group, Trust Management are an ownership, maintenance and management company that specialise in routing to the source of developers issues, and offering a range of in-depth services to counteract them.

Our offerings encompass three industry-leading enterprises known as trustgreen (parks and public open spaces), trustpump (pump stations) and trustprop (property). These key management providers, coupled with our expertise, ensures that we align with our customers and their requirements, like no other management team within the industry.

For more information please www.trustmgt.co.uk